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The Luna kindergarten is a kindergarten in Vienna's 9th district, Julius-Tandler-Platz 6! Get to know our team and our services, browse through our prices and opening times.

As an educational institution, we are the most important point in the child's development outside the home; i.e .: the time between 0-6 years contains the basis for EVERYTHING that is learned; Children at this age are very receptive and eager to experiment.

Educational concept
Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien


Julius-Tandler-Platz 6/8
1090 Wien

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We look forward to your call at (01) 319 22 09.



Send us an email at willkommen@kindergarten-luna.at!

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Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien


“As a manager, living together in a team is very important to me, and communication in a triangle with children and parents."

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Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien


"It is important to me to respond to the individuality of children and to accompany and support them in their development as best as possible."

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We will have free childcare places again from autumn 2024 and look forward to your inquiry!


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