3-6 Years

This group includes 20-25 children. We start at 7:00 am and all children should be here until 9:15. In the first orientation phase, which comes after the parents say goodbye in the morning, the child receives impulses from us for his play or occupies himself. At 9.15 our official start is where the children gather in the exercise room. In addition to the daily welcome song, there are movement games and additional offers. Finally, we review our seasonal songs and discuss important things from the children.

Many activities

After the joint snack, which is important for us, the children look forward to activities offered by the kindergarten teachers, handicrafts, or free play that enables them to role-play, construct and experiment (with our Montessori materials and learning games) in many forms. A visit to the garden is also very often possible in partial groups, where the children can play out other opportunities to play together. After lunch, there are quieter games on the program and in the afternoon things that have been started are completed and there is time again for free play and gardening.

Are you looking for a childcare place?

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