The educational concept of the non-profit association Luna

Our kindergarten has existed since 1993 and has been part of the non-profit association Vindobini since 2009.

Right from the start, we tried not to offer a rigid educational concept, but to find and live the most important approaches for the holistic development of the children entrusted to us from many educational directions. The framework for our actions is provided by the Vienna Kindergarten Act (WKGVO) and its ordinance (WKGVO) from 2013.

Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien
Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien

As an educational institution based in Vienna...

... we undertake to adhere to the framework conditions of the Vienna educational plan, the basis of which is the “cross-federal educational framework plan for elementary educational institutions in Austria” with its supplementary “module for the last year in elementary educational institutions”.

As a kindergarten, we are the most important institution in child development outside the home; i.e .: the time between 0-6 years contains the basis for EVERYTHING that is learned; Children at this age are very receptive and eager to experiment and want to learn as much as possible instinctively and comprehensively with all their senses. Our kindergarten has taken precisely this orientation as its primary goal and as an instrument "playful learning" which is a unique advantage of the kindergarten.

The most important part of this educational work ...

... are precisely these mentioned competences to be acquired, which are different for each child and, thanks to these special, individual offers, give each child the chance to learn differently at their own pace, with given voluntariness. Our exercise room and garden, as well as our weekly forest day, complement the urge to exercise and also the importance of active learning because the mind can only work well when children move around sufficiently.

With us, the children are guided through a democratic leadership style based on partnership, independent of gender-related role fixation, on their way to a self-determined and self-responsible life in the community

We mainly use the pedagogy of Maria Montessori, who saw the beautiful principle “Help me to do it myself” as a basic rule of her pedagogy and which also applies to us on a large scale.

Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien
Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien

Documentation ...

... we use pen sheets and personal observation sheets which are then discussed with the parents during the development talk. For further insight, each child also has a portfolio folder, which is filled with worksheets and materials for the monthly and annual topics and shows a nice red thread through the last few years at the end of kindergarten.

The change from the "little ones" to the "big ones" is also fluid and is supported by our open house: When a child is 3 years old, we try to make a gradual change to the big ones, which leaves the child open to the " new group ”or to always return to his“ old group ”.

The pre-school education then culminates in additional “work”, creative offers, additional exercise offers, and knowledge excursions, but also in more frequent involvement in social issues (see Ped. Concept VS-Kd.)

Arriving on time is a must

Precisely for this reason, you must come punctually so that the educators can then only look after their children at 9:15 am and do not have to interrupt games, work instructions, observations, or activities.

I would like to close with a pearl of wisdom that expresses the time in kindergarten well for me: "Give your child the opportunity to learn a lot and then give him the wings to carry it out". (Chinese proverb)

Looking forward to good cooperation

Mag. Ulrike Neumann
Secretary & management

Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien

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