Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien


Kindergarten attendance has been funded by the City of Vienna since September 2009. However, since we are a kindergarten with a focus on music and Montessori and employ two teachers in each group, we have to charge an extra fee for these additional offers, which is charged according to the supervision times.

Furthermore, the kindergarten decided to switch to a daily freshly cooked meal from "smartfood" at the beginning of 2015, for which a lot of regional foods are used and also less, but high-quality meat, which is then delivered warm and distributed to the children.

The morning and afternoon snacks are freshly prepared by us every day and include whole-grain bread, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. Our food company also caters to children with allergies, as far as possible, and cooks them separately.

We will be happy to send you the resulting current prices if you are interested.

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We will have free childcare places again from autumn 2024 and look forward to your inquiry!


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