As an educational institution, we would also like to allow our children to experience additional learning opportunities in their familiar environment. For this reason, it was important to us as a music kindergarten to offer early musical education in a variety of ways. Since never again in life will a language be so well received as it is when children are very young, it is also important for us to have English taught to children as a living additional language in small groups.

Kindergarten 1090 Wien, Kinderbetreuung 1090 Wien

We therefore offer

Singing sparrows
Our singing sparrows are an important weekly fixture even for our little ones. Christina and Marina bring the children playfully to participate and make music with their instruments and their captivating, lovable manner.

Rattle kids
Even with our rascals, the joy of music is celebrated in its comprehensive way every week. Various experimental uses of various musical instruments are on the program, combined with singing and expression. From autumn 2017, our program will also be expanded to include the flute course for our preschool children.

We have English for children aged 3-6, where a native speaker and many additional materials convey a sense of sound for another language.

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